Monday, January 3, 2011

Providing order and stability

Sometimes a catchy phrase can be very revealing. It can unlock the real meaning of something we might be struggling to understand despite all the facts and resources we have or it can remind us of what we are really supposed to be doing when the fog and clutter of chaos engulfs us. . . here are a couple phrases I try to keep in my head while doing my job.

I read this back when I was struggling through training a year ago and it was like a light flashing on in my head:
"patients expect you to bring some sense of order and stability to the terrifying chaos that has suddenly engulfed them."
Emergency Care and Transport f the Sick and Injured, p31

"Isolate to the problem and then treat the patient the way you want your mother or grandmother treated."
from someone I look forward to learning a lot more from.

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