Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anaphylaxis and Diabetes

Wow, there are so many procedures to learn it's amazing. Each procedure has critical step that, if you skip one of them when being tested, you automatically fail the entire procedure.

Last class, we studied allergic responses(anaphylaxis) and diabetic emergencies. Who knew diabetes was so complex and allergic reactions could be so quickly critical. More assessment procedures with every chapter.

I was looking at some of the chapters in the book and there's a whole one just about nerve gasses?! Geez, what's the chance, but I'm going to have to crowd my brain with that info at some point.

It is always a bit unsettling when I realize that there are so many emergencies out there where the decisions I might make will determine whether a person lives of dies.
I'm gaining a profound respect for Emergency Medical people. . . some of whom I used to think were a bit slack jawed.

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  1. Yup! Anaphylaxis, Epi pens, hypogycemia, (which will kill a person faster than DKA)....Oh, I remember it well....:)It looks like you like it, you're hooked!