Monday, March 29, 2010

Patient assessment

Man, thought I had the shit down. Stepped up to the plate in class tonight ready to show the young 'uns how a brilliant motherfucker like me does shit and got SLAMMED!
Couldn't remember shit. Went through the whole assessment of a trauma patient without stabilizing the spine and administering hi-flo O2. Why? Because when you get up there you've either got to know the steps cold and automatic or you're gonna forget big parts.
Whew this is humbling.


  1. Hahaha! I can sooo relate, I remember the first patient assessment I had to do on the maniquin! You do forget steps. Did you remember to ask if there was any danger (hazmat etc.) before you approached the patient? Cuz A Lot of people in my class failed because they forgot that first safety concern! LOL! Good Luck!

  2. CR, the first concern is BSI, or body substance isolation steps, then scene safety.
    I forgot two really critical things, spinal stabilization and administering O2. I have since gotten the steps down cold and did an almost perfect assessment this evening on a patient exhibiting cardiac distress.