Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fractures, broken spines and abdomenal injuries

OK, so you've got a patient who may have a spinal injury and you've got to get them out of a car. . . that's damaged. . . without further complicating any injuries they might have.
You've got to maintain the spine in a stable immobile position. In one smooth cool move you've got to get the patient out of the car and onto an immobilization board.
When you make this move you've got to do it without twisting the patient's back in any manner.
It's tricky, but possible. I did it twice this evening. I also learned how to immobilize a fracture. . . all kinds of fractures.
Another cool trick; what to do when someone's guts are hanging out. When the abdomen is cut open, no matter how big or small the incision, the intestines "always want to come out." It's called evisceration. Wanna see pictures?

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