Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally, we're through the book

Four months and seemingly countless hours in class and we finally got through the 1200 page book. . . Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured. . . whew.

One more week of class reviewing and going over procedures.

Then two days of testing. Written and practical.

Once again, all I can say is "this is the hardest fucking thing I've ever done academically."

Shock, cardiac emergencies, stroke, bleeding, fractures, diabetes, geriatrics and pediatrics, soft tissue injuries, anatomy, allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock, ambulance operations. . . and that's only a few of 39 chapters.

There was even one chapter on terrorist attacks!! Not that I spend 1 second worrying about terrorist attack during any day, but I got news for ya, if there's sarin in the air, nuclear contamination or a big ass fucking building is on fire and looks like it's going to collapse, I'm outta there. . . vamoose, gone, bookin, haulin ass real fast.

1 comment:

  1. Really? It's been that hard? I'd have never guessed considering your educational background.

    Well, good luck.